Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Artoconecto Announces Exciting New Partnership with Borscht!

The Borscht Film Festival (est. 2005) is an annual exhibition of new works by emerging Miami filmmakers. Each year we reunite to share our work at an iconic Miami venue, surrounded by local artwork and music.
We believe in Miami’s potential to host a world-class independent film industry. We are doing our part by collaborating to tell stories about, inspired by, or set in the city that go beyond the typical cinematic notions of Miami as a beautiful, vapid, backdrop. Our Miami has the richness of character to compete with Woody Allen’s New York, Fellini’s Rome, or Godard’s Paris. We want you to join us in telling Miami’s stories and shaping Miami’s onscreen legacy.
Any artist under 33 who lives and works in South Florida, as well as artists who were born, grew up, or were inspired by Miami and have moved elsewhere are invited to participate. The event is always free and open to the public.
The fourth annual festival’s theme is CCCV (triple-cee vee, or Miami’s iconic 305 area code in roman numerals), was a celebration of Miami’s idiosyncratic culture. The Short Film Showcase took place at the historic Tower Theater in Little Havana.