Sunday, July 29, 2012


SIGHT: Reinterpreting Form by Mauricio Gonzalez

The workshop ‘Reinterpreting Form’ encouraged the kids to evaluate and rearrange common objects and materials into new and more complex forms. During this exercise, the kids explored a hidden world of possibilities that exist behind these objects and materials, while become more sensible towards them. Also, they were introduced to a selection of tools and equipment that will make the realization of ideas more viable, that may otherwise seem too abstract for them.


Alejandro Herrera

Megan Moraes

Jasmine Moraes

Phoenix T Pierre

Chloe Gonzalez

Sophia Mijares

Hugo Mijares

Victoria Rodriguez

Giuliana Mizrahi

Kira Luna Nichtawitz

Leandra Hall

Michael Klopukh

Isabella Klopukh

Samira Rojas

Lara Rodriguez

Eva Parsons

Rebecca Urdaneta

Mauricio (Mauri) gives Eva a hand with her piece

Special thanks to: Catalina Roca and Camila Gonzalez--our great assistants.

Also, thanks to Raiza Perrault from Ecomarket Store for providing us with the mosta amazing earth friendly plates, utensils and plastic bags!!!