Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Nikola and his friend and assistant Nina traveled from Hungary--they got lost in one of the most complicated and intricate crossroads that divides Eastern Europe-they ended up in Slovenia! The next day, they set out back on the road determined to make it to Gvozd. They did! and brought with them the most inspiring spirits and contagious energy. As soon as they pulled over into Suncokret, kids, artists, and volunteers immediately engaged--downloading stacks of fresh hay from his van, tools, baskets filled with artwork. The kids were in awe and realized how much you can do with hay, besides feeding it to the cows. " I use organic and natural materials in my work, because I believe that preservation of the planet is also part of my artistic journey. Today we will use branches from a nut tree, they are strong but at the same time they are flexible, and this will be symbolic for the kids--we must be strong in life but also flexible." By Nikola Faller. More photos and stuff-click on the sunflowers or right here!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Miami Week #4...Pachi Giustinian: Understanding as a Common Goal-Paint as 'Object'

Featuring LEGALART Artist-In-Residence, Pachi Giustinian!

Tolerance and Understanding In Our World.

Thank you Pachi Giustinian!!! Thank you Legal Art!

Artist Pachi Giustinian did an amazing job with her workshop at Legal Art this past Saturday... the children worked together to better understand the common goal... to paint as “object”. Giustinian’s workshop was truly a non representational abstract approach. And the children did an amazing job working on individual pieces , knowing that they would come together at a latter date.

Leandra, Lucas, Trenard, Lara, Skye, and Kamilla better understanding a finished painting as an object, by Pachi Giustinian....coninue by clicking on the KIDSART blog!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Miami Week #3: The kids explore the clandestine world of spray painting (aka GRAFFITI)....


Tolerance and Understanding In Our World.


Stencils, Patterns and Painting.

A Work Shop By Douglas Hoekzema

Saturday, August 13TH, 2011

Our third Miami camp this summer was taught by painter, sculptor, and designer Douglas Hoekzema. It was an exciting adventure in better understanding “Platonic Patterns” through the act of repeatedly painting shapes, using hand made stencils the kids cut out themselves!!! Mr. Hoekzema methodically explained the seemingly simple task of stencil making with construction paper! a lot more complicated that it looks!!! Snow flakes came up a few times... and then it dawned on us... many of the kids and adults in the room have never even seen snowflakes before... and so, the Kids quickly rose to the occasion! Flowers, crystals... zebra stripes... rows of houses... the list ran on and on!

More photos on the KIDSART blog!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

We All Have a Different Approach by Lila Herceg

Our fourth camp took place yesterday with Lila Herceg, who traveled from Varazdin--a three- hour-trip by bus. Lila is a contemporary artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Her approach to the theme of Tolerance was emphasized in the use of same materials and the same subject. She discouraged them to copy one another. "I want the kids to realize, after they are finished with their assignment, that although they are all making a collage about trees, at the end all their works will be different from one another." By Lila Herceg.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sharing An Artistic Universe by Stipo Zoroja

Stipo, a veteran visual artist from Bosnia, arrived into Gvozd this morning after a long drive from his native Livno. The kids were really excited and looking forward to working with him. They knew that they were going to paint with acrylics on canvases. They quietly sat around while Stipo explained the relationship between motherly love and the universe. He encouraged them to look around and observe the harmony contained in nature. He declared that tolerance is like the love of a mother towards her children, and that we should all carry on these lessons of love and share them with one another. “I feel free here and when I am free I can create art. I want the children to free themselves today.” Stipo Zoroja

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tolerance with Our Surroundings By Aleksandra Podrebarac

Gvozd is a region that is surrounded by wild almost untouched nature. Fruit trees such as apple, pears and blueberries are as common as coconut trees are in the Caribbean and in costal areas of Southeast Asia. Aleksandra Podrebarac's workshop focused on nature, the kids home. An artist from the war torn neighboring city of Karlovac, Aleksandra’s goal was to use the power of observation to make them understand not to take their environment for granted. "It will also teach them to be as tolerant with nature’s way as they should also be towards one another." By Aleksandra Podrebarac.

Enter the KIDSART blog in Croatia to see more of today’s workshop.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

KIDSART Goes International!

KIDSART Bridges/Croatia begins! Click here for the first camp!

Hrvoje and I truly enjoyed our adventure. We enjoyed our ride back, we felt very relaxed and exchanged nice feelings about how it all went very smooth. Children were touching, and I admire all the work that Maja and Predrag are doing for Gvozd community and I am very happy that Hrvoje and I contributed to this great work. I think we can all be happy with our results. Greatest reward was looking at children and shaking hands with each of them. I could see in their eyes they enjoyed the time with us. I consider that greater than art.” Anita Sulimanovic

KIDSART Week#2: Artist Leda Almar and the kids!

Our second art camp!!! Understanding Through Self Portrait; by artist and educator Leda Almar, was an absolute success in a step towards understanding the portrait! The children learned about drawing... how to use paint and color. Most important of all... we all learned how the portrait is an awesome vehicle to self expression.

Artist and educator Leda Almar... a step towards understanding the portrait

All photos by Benjamin Thacker
For all the fun, and much, much, more. please go to the KIDSART Blog!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bhakti Baxter kicks off KIDSART!

Photographs by Benjamin Thacker

Art is messy!

An amazing Saturday morning for the kids! And don't forget Ms. Cheezious!
All that and more photos on the KIDSART blog. Stay tuned for our first camp from Croatia, too!