Sunday, August 16, 2009

Artoconecto Announces Call For Artists For A-B(o)MB II: 'The Fallout', and The CCCV: Oolite Visual Arts Showcase!

Artoconecto presents 'A-B(o)MB II: The Fallout', the second annual juried show of emerging national and international artists that will run during Art Basel/Miami Beach, from opening night preview November 27th, through the month of December. Last year's A-B(o)MB (Art Basel (off) Miami Beach), drew almost 300 entries from around the world, and 39 artists saw their work exhibited at this wildly successful show, with many works sold. 'The Fallout' is Artoconecto's first satellite show in conjunction with Basel/Miami, and will be held at Macy's/Burdine's historic Flagler Street location in the heart of downtown Miami during Basel week. The jury includes artists Gregory de la Haba (NYC), Clifton Childree (Miami), and Christina Pettersson (Sweden/Miami), giving artists a true voice in the selection process. Jury Prize Winner(s) will be announced during Art Basel, with full media and Internet exposure given to all selected artists and their work. Artoconecto is also proud to present, in conjunction with 'The Fallout', The CCCV:Oolite Visual Arts Showcase, for Florida artists under 30, as part of the annual CCCV: Borscht Film Festival. For more info, please visit or email

ABOMB II: THE FALLOUT, will explore the dialogue that continues to evolve around the perception of place-internally, externally, and wherever the two intersect. Today's 'American Dream' has its own surreal waking life in art. With its dangerously twisting highways, the American narrative seems to have been building to a booming crescendo, only to end with a flatliner. Or as Texas-born sculptor Joel Ross famously said, "Everything I’m thinking about right now falls under an umbrella of examining a f**ked up place called America." In Miami, a city perhaps more truly American than any other, where the curvilinear skyscrapers with ocean views and thirty-foot balconies mock the more earthbound among us, we are challenged every day to make art out of America. The big question is, will there be a real narrative, one that is pieced together from those bold enough to risk poking their fingers into the whirling machine to remove some tiny, gritty granules of truth?

Artists in all media are encouraged to apply, and we are also accepting proposals for a site-specific piece. Our shows take place in a festive and unique atmosphere, and include live music and performance. This will be our second annual show in Miami, after over a dozen shows in Washington, DC, where Artoconecto was a National Endowment for the Arts Grantee.

Deadline for submissions has been extended to October 30, 2009, with the opening reception to be held on November 28, 2009. The show will run through December.

Contact: Danny Brody
Media Relations

Alexandra Rangel
Executive Director

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Anonymous said...

hi, i would like to ask about the exhiition. i found this exhibition on and it says "awards:Jury Prize-Full Media and Internet Exposure".

i am not an English speaker, so it is difficult to get the meaning. i understand "Internet Exposure" .... could you please expain a bit more specilied?

Artoconecto said...

Last year's jury-prize winners, Michael Tierney and Yvonne Petkus, received exceptional media attention, and through that exposure, Yvonne sold her largest work to a very important collector.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link for the Prospectus?

Artoconecto said...

Just scroll down, et voila!

Anonymous said...

are there any guidelines for the proportion of the files submitted? is there a maximum size? dpi?

Artoconecto said...

We prefer 300dpi and up!