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Artoconecto’s KIDSART returns this

summer with artistic environmental project.

Miami, June 11, 2010. Artoconecto, the dynamic Miami arts non-profit and 2009 Community Grant Grantee from the Miami-Dade County Dept. of Cultural Affairs for KIDSART, is returning this summer to host a series of workshops, where children between the ages of 7 to 13 will engage in the search for ‘Elements in Time and Nature’. This exciting and innovative program will explore a variety of environmental issues, using the arts as both a conduit, and a medium, for a deeper understanding. Each week, the children will be given an exploratory environmental theme, guided by a panel of arts professionals, culminating in a public exhibition of their work.

"We are very concerned about the many environmental challenges that children are going to encounter in their lifetime, with this program, we want them to understand the fragility of nature and the delicate connection that exists between humans and nature,” said Alexandra Rangel-Brody, Executive Director of Artoconecto. "We are working with organic, discarded and natural materials, as we aim to demonstrate to children that many of the common objects used by them daily were once made with biodegradable matter. All their experiences will be recorded on video and will be presented as video art.”

Artoconecto is actively looking to partner with local artists who have a related environmental theme that can be implemented and would like to share their time one Saturday morning. Any artist that wishes to participate can contact Artoconecto. The workshops will be followed by lunch provided by World Resource Cafe, which will allow the children to interact informally with the artists and each other.

KIDSART was created to expose as many schoolchildren as possible to the arts community of Miami, through Saturday morning studio visits and workshops presided over by working artists. The children will be exposed to the vibrant arts community of Miami, helping them to understand the important role that art can play in their daily lives. We will be working with artists across the spectrum, and the children will get to experience art in its most inspiring forms.

KIDSART will take place for four Saturday mornings from July 24th through August 14th, and culminate on September 11, 2010, when the participants will experience the Second Saturday Art Walk with a public exhibition of their creations. KIDSART will be open to children ages 7-13, who are at an age when it has been shown that the creative arts can have a great impact on their future learning skills and overall educational well-being.


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