Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Requesting Artist for Art Camps
Benefiting Miami's At Risk-Youth & Children in Foster.

The local arts advocacy organization Artoconecto, Inc, in conjunction with Art Studio Miami, Empowering Young Minds, are seeking local emerging visual artists, who have bold and exciting artistic ideas ready to be implemented at a series of arts camps for at-risk youth and children in foster care, at Art Studio's location in Little Haiti. The camps are scheduled to start March 2011 and will run consecutively through May. Artists in all mediums are invited to participate. The goal is to select two emerging artists who are ready and enthusiastic about implementing their dream project and work with a group of children in need, on a volunteer basis in exchange for valuable Teaching Artist experience and training. In addition the chosen artist's will have the opportunity to be eligible for a paid summer teaching artist position with Artoconecto's KIDSART program and a possible artist-in-residency at Art Studio.

Artoconecto's KIDSART program, in partnership with Art Studio, will provide selected artists with the tools, materials, population of at-risk youth, space, technical support and guidance necessary to successfully complete their art projects, therefore training them as teaching artists and adding a valuable set of skills to their CV/Resumes. Once selected for the volunteer Teaching Artist training, these artists will be recognized and participate with an honorarium in a paid position at the summer art camp of Artoconecto's KIDSART program, making it a sustainable and rewarding experience for the artist who in the process becomes an agent of change. In addition, the artists will be eligible to become an artist-in-residence within Art Studio.

Artoconecto is expanding the KIDSART project within Art Studio's premises, where during two months and under the tutelage of one artist per month, a population of children in need in the area of Little Haiti, will receive an afterschool arts program (2pm-6pm weekdays) that will serve as a compliment to their primary education.


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