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+++Artoconecto starts a free after-school arts program with Teaching Artist Leda Almar at Art Studio Miami. “Carving Your Message” will run on Wednesdays and Fridays.

First class photos-click here! [link]

++++Artoconecto wins grant from CEC ArtsLink for KIDSART Bridges, an international arts project with Croatia! From the CEC ArtsLink website:



Alexandra Rangel
with students


Host Country: Croatia

"$4,300 to support a collaboration with Suncokret Center for Community Development to carry out two simultaneous 5-week visual arts programs led by international artists for at-risk youth in Gvozd, Croatia and Miami, Florida. The programs will culminate in an exhibition of the students’ work held in Miami during the 2011 Art Basel Miami activities."

Go to CEC ArtsLink to see all of the award-winners!

KIDSART Bridges is an international exchange arts camp between kids from Croatia and Miami.

Project Summary

Artoconecto, the dynamic non-profit arts organization in Miami, Florida, (US) and the progressive organization Suncokret Center for Community Development from Gvozd, Croatia, propose an arts exchange camp called KIDSART BRIDGES which will have the participation of children from their respective areas. The program will run concurrently in both countries during the summer of 2011. For a period of five weeks, children from both partnered organizations will participate and engage in the creation of meaningful pieces of artwork, by following a theme that will address the various socio-economical realities in both cities. This will create a cross-cultural, international dialogue that will not only educate the audiences about the missions of both organizations but also emphasize the importance of the arts in the lives of our children. The arts camps will be conducted simultaneously, and will be filmed by Alexandra Rangel, Founder of Artoconecto. The artwork produced during these workshops, and a short documentary, will be featured in an arts exhibition in the City of Miami, during the festivities of Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2011.


Miami art camps will start on July 30th and will run through the month of August. Register your kids early. Space is limited to a group of 20 kids. For additional information contact us at or call 786-246-2052.


2009 KIDSART Artists: John DeFaro, Johnnie Robles, Luis Valle, Agustina Woodgate, Oscar Fuentes and Tracey Hagen

2010 KIDSART Artists: Karen Rifas, Onajide Shabaka, Morphologic Studios, John DeFaro and Alexandra Rangel


Art camps in Croatia will start on July 30th, in the region of Gvozds in conjunction with Suncokret [link]

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