Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Miami Week #3: The kids explore the clandestine world of spray painting (aka GRAFFITI)....


Tolerance and Understanding In Our World.


Stencils, Patterns and Painting.

A Work Shop By Douglas Hoekzema

Saturday, August 13TH, 2011

Our third Miami camp this summer was taught by painter, sculptor, and designer Douglas Hoekzema. It was an exciting adventure in better understanding “Platonic Patterns” through the act of repeatedly painting shapes, using hand made stencils the kids cut out themselves!!! Mr. Hoekzema methodically explained the seemingly simple task of stencil making with construction paper! a lot more complicated that it looks!!! Snow flakes came up a few times... and then it dawned on us... many of the kids and adults in the room have never even seen snowflakes before... and so, the Kids quickly rose to the occasion! Flowers, crystals... zebra stripes... rows of houses... the list ran on and on!

More photos on the KIDSART blog!

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