Friday, August 26, 2011

Miami Week #4...Pachi Giustinian: Understanding as a Common Goal-Paint as 'Object'

Featuring LEGALART Artist-In-Residence, Pachi Giustinian!

Tolerance and Understanding In Our World.

Thank you Pachi Giustinian!!! Thank you Legal Art!

Artist Pachi Giustinian did an amazing job with her workshop at Legal Art this past Saturday... the children worked together to better understand the common goal... to paint as “object”. Giustinian’s workshop was truly a non representational abstract approach. And the children did an amazing job working on individual pieces , knowing that they would come together at a latter date.

Leandra, Lucas, Trenard, Lara, Skye, and Kamilla better understanding a finished painting as an object, by Pachi Giustinian....coninue by clicking on the KIDSART blog!


Jesús Manuel Rojas Torres said...

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Artoconecto said...

Thanks JJ!