Sunday, August 5, 2012


KIDSART SENSES: Taste of Color, Taste by Number: by Jiae Hwang.

'Taste of Color, Taste by Number' explored the colorful and mysterious world of taste. Using various tasty medium, children learnead how to play with their senses when tasked to describe flavors in a visual manner. They learned to differentiate between making art with their eyes and making art following guidance from their taste buds. A super tasty camp.

Jiae and her half orange Juan welcome the kids--thanks Juan you are awesome!

They have no idea the tasty treat they got ahead of them

Ok kids ready for some tasting?

Catalina brings a tiny little piece of color for Kira and Guliana to try

Samira and Phoenix yuck!

Alejandro: I sense a very bright color--I have tasted this before!

The tastes: Twizzlers Rainbow: Strawberry, Orange, Lemonade, Watermelon, Blue
Raspberry, and Grape + Apple + licorice
Dried seaweed, dried Shitaki mushroom, goldfish crackers, beef jerky,
Starburst: strawberry, lemon, cheery, Mysterious jelly bean flavors.

Afterwards, the kids used their tasting experience to recreate their experience on boards, using all types of mediums, including candy.

Special thanks to our great volunteer Lauri Hand for coming over early on a Saturday to work with the kids. Also, check out the Ecomarket store, they donated all the incredible earth friendly plates and utensils the kids are using to eat their meals.

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