Thursday, August 30, 2012


KIDSART 'SENSES' WAS A COMPLETE SUCCESS, culminating with Patricia Hernandez's SMELL camp and David Brieske's and Juan Maristany's SOUND camp. Here are some fun photos from their artistic journey and experience. We are also very excited to announce that we are gearing up towards a new collaboration with CIFO, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, where we will be conducting three sessions of art camps for children, ages 5 to 12.
SAVE THE DATES: September 29th, October 13th and November 3rd. We will announce the artists very soon.

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'Describe the Smell' by Patricia Hernandez.
The workshop functioned in several parts. First, our team held a series of fun experiments, along with an educational component on the olfactory system and olfactory art. Then lead to a live online radio broadcast, where the students themselves shared and performed as experts on anything olfactory, describing each smell, and leaving room for them to use their own imagination. Parents and listeners were able to tune in in real time and everything was archived online.

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'Surrounded By Sound' by David Brieske and Juan Maristany.
The kids were introduced to how artists collect, process and use sound in their work. The workshop took place at a scultpure studio, at the Little River Yacht Club, where the surrounding materials and tools wiere used as source material for sounds.

Thanks to all the artists, volunteers, Legal Arts, the Little River Yacht Club and a very special thanks to the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs for their support!

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